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Amber is an LA based makeup artist with nearly 10 years of experience. Through out her career, Amber has worked on major productions for Nissan, Asics , Pop Chips, Baskets Season 3, and Lululemon. She has groomed celebrities such as David Dastmalchian, Dylan Minnette, Tim Ferris, Kevin Richardson from The Backstreet Boys, and beautified actresses Lucy Devito, Amy Brenneman, Gillian Zinser, and Cassey Ho just to name a few.

In 2013, Amber decided to marry her strong passion for the makeup industry along with another passion of hers: inspiring artists to follow their dreams. She decided to create a documentary based on the journey of becoming a makeup artist which would highlight all the ups and downs artists go through in the makeup world today to rise to the top. It is her goal to create an inspiring and motivating film for those who want to be makeup artists, anyone currently in the industry, and also for anyone intrigued by what artists do behind the scenes..

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Kenneth Alexander

Kenneth Alexander


Chris Evitt

Chris Evitt

Executive Producer

Yousef Arafat

Yousef Arafat


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