Inside the What It Takes Inner Circle Membership, there is one artist selected each month as the MUA of the Month Award. This award is given to an artist who goes above and beyond in their career whether it be taking a leap of faith, going out of their comfort zone to gain new clients, networking like a damn boss, or doing major inner work to better themselves in their career and personal lives.

Lysa was chosen for the month of May due to her undeniable ambition to show up! During this month, she woke up at crazy times as early as 4 AM just to be a part of a training she was eager to learn about. Lysa has a tenacity that is inspiring and everyone strives to be like!

Let’s meet Lysa!

What is your biggest aspiration as a makeup artist?

My biggest aspiration is to be a successful International HMUA and to achieve recognition amongst my peers

What do you struggle most with?

My confidence. This is my second career and I was extremely lucky to have reached the top of my game in my first career. I’m my own worst critic so believing in myself and my artistic ability in the makeup world has been challenging.

What is your favorite part about our industry?

The creativity definitely is something I love but I think my absolute favourite part is the transformation and the benefits this can bring to clients and how they feel about themselves.

What has been your biggest takeaway within the WIT Inner Circle membership?

The sisterhood and support I have found amongst the members, especially during COVID. Being in Australia, I felt separated from the rest of the world and what was going on in makeup circles. Inner Circle kept me not only informed but feeling apart of an amazing group of artists .

In 3-4 sentences, tell us where you are from and what type of work you do in the industry

I’m from a small island about 1.45 hrs South of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia . I work in Bridal, Film, Runway and Editorial. I’m still trying to find my niche but love the diversity.

Other thoughts or comments

I just want to thank Amber for creating such an amazing group and content. Her openness, transparency and generosity with her knowledge is awesome and is the reason she’s been able to bring such an astounding group of artists together

Social Media handles (IG, Facebook and website)

Instagram: @lysakielyhmua || Facebook: Lysa Kiely Hair and Makeup Artist || Website:

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