WIT Inner Circle Membership 

Are you ready to be a part of the first ever membership site for hair and makeup artists that offers monthly trainings on business/marketing AND mindset/manifesting techniques?! STARTING AT ONLY $14?!

No one has ever done ANYTHING like this. REALLY.

Finally: a place where you can connect with other like minded artists, AND learn, AND be motivated AND raise your vibration so that you become the manifesting queen that you deserve to be! 

HURRY! Before we close the doors! Join the Inner circle TODAY!








FAST ACTION BONUS!! The first 5 artists who sign up for The Inner Circle VIP membership will recieve a personalized recorded Instagram Audit and marketing strategy from Amber. She will go over your IG page and give you an entire break down of what might be working against you, how you can improve it and a strategy on how you can begin to market yourself on you IG account according to your specific goals in the makeup industry!

Yes, I am SO DOWN! Sign me up, Amber!


Hello there!

I am Amber, the Founder and Creator of What It Takes Makeup Artistry Platform. I’ve been doing makeup for 13 years in Film and Fashion, and back in 2017 directed and produced the documentary film What It Takes. 

Since the release of my film, I have developed an online platform for aspiring hair and makeup artists to haves access to free and affordable content that is highly valuable! It is my mission to continue offering affordable content that integrates mindset/self development along with marketing and business trainings.

For over 3 years, it has been a dream of mine to host a membership site for hair/makeup artists that delivers monthly content between business and mindset. I truly believe they go hand-in-hand- one cannot live without the other. 

My biggest passion is seeing other makeup artists rise to the top and manifest the shit out of their dreams. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in your freelance journey!

With love and good vibes,


You're gonna LOVE this membership if:


You want to connect with other like minded artists in the makeup industry who love and support one another


You love all things woo-woo, self development, education, and inspiration


You want non stop access to new content regarding how you can amplify your freelance career month after month


You are EXTREMELY passionate about being a makeup artist and doing big things in your career


You want to learn manifesting secrets on how you can manifest your biggest career and personal goals


You want to take your career to levels you’ve never seen before: 10k+ months, landing jobs like a Netflix series, getting into the union, working with your biggest idols, department heading a feature film, launching a podcast, creating a beauty brand, and so much more


This membership is NOT for you if:


You think anything in the “woo woo” world is a buncha poo-poo


You’re a negative Nancy


You don’t like to learn and implement all the amazing ways to bring your career to the next level


What does the general membership include?

10+ masterclasses with new trainings every other month

 Every single month you will get new content that is either about business/marketing or mindset/wellness in what we call “Success Kits”

Meditations, Workbooks, PDFs

Within each monthly Success Kit, there will be various downloadables such as meditations, workbooks and PDFs.


Monthly Goal Setting Sessions

Setting goals is important in the process to manifesting your dream career. So, once a month I will go live with a goal setting session!


Monthly Q + A Sessions

I know you will come across many questions within each month as new content is released. Once per month I will answer all your questions regarding the month’s theme! 

Access to Guest Experts

In some of the months, there will be guest experts for certain themed months such as Human Design, financing your freelance business, and set etiqutte I am bringing experts on certain topics so you can get the most out of the content!

Private Facebook Community

Our Inner Circle community is second to none. You will have access to this absolutely AMAZING group of like-minded artists who are there to support, inspire and motivate one another! This was the #1 most loved component of the Inner Circle Membership!

Special Discounts And Giveaways

We love giving back to our community! You will get discounts to use on the What It Takes store, discounts on WIT courses and programs, access to fun challenges and giveaways and discounts to different brands!

What does the VIP include?

VIPs: Monthly Group Mentorship

All VIP Members will recieve monthly group mentorship where you can ask any question you want help with for that particular month.

VIPs: Access to Never Before Seen Interviews

During the 5 year filming period of What It Takes, we interviewed over 25 award winning Celebrity Makeup Artists. These interviews have been sitting on our hard drives for too long… YOU will be the first to see them <3

VIPs: An accountability coach

Every month, you will get added accountability with our amazing accountability coach via Zoom session!

VIPs: Monthly Group Reiki Session

All VIP Members will receive group Reiki Healing. I am a Shamanic Reiki Master and the group Reiki session starts at the beginning of the monthly Group Mentorship

VIPs: Bonus Content

VIPs will get special access to bonus content that is only available for VIPs such as bonus masterclasses, access to expert Q + A sessions, and more

VIPs: Private Accountability Community Chat

In addition to having added accountability with our accountability coach, you will also get access to a private Slack channel just for VIPs where your accountability coach will also do weekly checkins!

Current Success Kits (masterclasses)

A New World MUA: What to expect Going back to work

It’s a confusing time after the lockdowns and quarantine as we slowly but surely go back to work. The exciting news is that work is BACK! This success kit goes into depth about what to expect on sets, what to prepare for, how to know if you are ready to go back and so much more!

The Art and Energetics of Negotiating Your Rates

This month we’re talking all about the super awkward elephant in the room that everyone wants the answers to: YOUR RATES! There is so much that goes behind what your rate is depending on the job, length of time, location, industry, location, etc. I’m so excited to dig in and share all the love!

Men's Grooming 101

Feel iffy about anything regarding Men’s grooming? I got you! I am a men’s grooming specialist and in this success kit, I share with you all the basics every artist should know about Men’s grooming!

2021 Ultimate Success plan

This success kit is all about setting yourself up for major success for the year 2021. Last year was a crazy one, but we can still have a better year than last! 

Instagram Marketing for MUAs

Making money from your IG account is REAL. And no, you don’t need a shit ton of followers. This Success Kit shows you how to utilize your IG to market yourself as a hair/mua and network, grow your IG following, and MAKE. MONEY.

The Confidence Bundle

The #1 struggle I have seen from our industry is having confidence. Whether it be confidence in knowing your rates, asking for higher rates, self promotion, social media marketing, etc. This success kit helps you to gain the confidence you need to unapologetically show up and ask for what you are worth!


Set Etiquette 101

This is one of the biggest things we all need to know in our career. Set Etiquette! What to do and what not to do on set to ensure we always get a call back.

Discovering Your Human Design

Human Design is one of the most fascinating things we have access to. It tells us exactly who we are and how we work the best when we are in alignment. This success kit is a beginners look into what your human design is and how you can start living out your purpose.

The 101 Series

Making money from your IG account is REAL. And no, you don’t need a shit ton of followers. This Success Kit shows you how to utilize your IG to market yourself as a hair/mua and network, grow your IG following, and MAKE. MONEY.

Pretty freakin’ sweet right?! So which one do YOU want to sign up for?! 

Want to know more?…

JOIN NOW before the doors close again!










“Amber and everyone in the membership is so humble and not judgmental.”


“I found a home, a community, a family of like minded, driven artists , all who are passionate and excited and eager to grow not just artistically but mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.”


“My favorite part about the Inner Circle is learning from Amber the connection between Mind and Career, she has so much knowledge and I am grateful that she is sharing it with the world. 100% would recommend this to ALL artists, no matter where they are in their career. Amber has really done the research and shares so much information that is easy to follow and relatable. “


“I love being a part of the WIT Inner Circle. It has a really positive energy and has brought together a community of like-minded makeup artists from all over the world with the common goal of improving ourselves and our businesses.”


“Amber is really great at breaking down EVERYTHING that’s being discussed in an incredible way. No BS. No filler. Always a good experience”


“100% the camaraderie has been my favorite part of this membership. There are artists from all levels of experience helping each other out. When one person from the group wins, we all win! That’s a big deal especially when working in a field that can be so competitive.”


“In this competitive industry it’s not every day you find someone who’s goal is to share their knowledge just to help others thrive. Amber does exactly that! The knowledge that she shares is genuine and heartfelt and she transfers all her positivity to each one of us, members. I look forward to each and every session.”


“I love the whole concept of the WIT Inner Circle, bringing working makeup artist together to support each other on this journey.”


“Amber and her trainings are a great addition to my overall development as a Makeup Artist over the years. Between her encouraging words and solutions, empowering meditations, and effective strategy coaching WIT Inner Circle has given me the 2nd jump start I need to get my mind and goals in check!”

I’m sure you still have some questions…

Is the WIT Inner Circle Membership really as good as it sounds?

YEP! It’s truly magical to say the least. Having so many major elements of freelance all come together (education, motivation, mindset AND community), I know you are going to LOVE it! But here are some FAQs in case you are still on the fence.

How quickly will I be able to start once I pay?

Within 5-10 minutes of your approved payment! You will receive an e-mail from WordPress giving you your login (you create this when you sign up but the e-mail is for your own records), and then you will also receive an e-mail from me with the info on what to do next!

What if I come across an off month and can't pay?

The beauty of this particular membership is that you can cancel and pause at anytime as long as you give 48 hours notice via email at whatittakesfilm@gmail.com. 

What if I don't really like it after all?
  • That is totally fine! This isn’t for everyone so I totally get it. All you have to do is email whatittakesfilm@gmail.com and we will cancel your account!


Do you give refunds?

Unfortunately there are no refunds as there is a trial period in place. If you decide later on that you no longer can make payments or no longer want to be in the membership, you just request to cancel your account. 

What is the group mentorship?

The last Sunday of every month, I host a live zoom session. All VIPs submit one question they want me to go over. This is a group setting, so it is not one on one but everyone always gets a lot out of hearing other member’s questions. There is an option in the submission form if you prefer to remain anonymous when I answer your question on the live session.

What is the group reiki?

Reiki is an energetic healing component that can provoke emotional and physical healing through their hands. Reiki healers can do this in person or distant. I am a Shamanic Reiki Master and I begin all group mentorship sessions with group distant Reiki!

How long do I have access to my membership?

However long you decide to stay! You pay month to month, so as long as you are paying, you will always have access to your account! Whatever price you pay now is the price you will be locked in at. Trust me… this membership won’t be staying at the current cost for long! 😉

I'm just starting my makeup journey, Is this for me?

Absolutely! There is an entire 101 series in which I teach the basics of what every MUA should now starting out. We welcome makeup artists at ALL levels! I wish I had come across a membership like this when I first started that taught business and marketing WITH mindset work! It’s a game changer!

I've been doing this quite a while, is this for me?

Indeed! As I mentioned in the last answer- this membership is for ALL stages! You will learn some profound things that are beyond business, marketing, makeup tutorials, and product knowledge. Learning about mindset, manifestation, and law of attraction and how to combine it with your freelance career is truly unlike anything I’ve yet to see in this industry!

It’s time to decide! Which one do YOU want to sign up for?!

I can’t wait to see you over in the Inner Circle Membership, sister! Get ready to change your life and career forever!

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